Domestic Violence

Restraining Order Lawyers

Domestic violence includes acts of violence, threats of violence, emotional abuse, stalking and other abusive, harassing or intimidating behavior. Domestic violence may include an attack against a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, domestic partner, child or sibling.

In a divorce, a finding of domestic abuse has a significant impact on a court’s determination of custody, visitation and other matters that may affect the rights of a husband or wife. A finding of abuse may also have a significant impact in a paternity proceeding, child custody dispute or visitation dispute.

Restraining Orders

A victim of abuse is not required to file for divorce or legal separation in order to obtain legal relief. Any victim of abuse, including a spouse, domestic partner or parent petitioning on behalf of an abused child, may petition a court for a restraining order.

Protect Your Rights

Many divorce and family law cases involve allegations of domestic abuse. When abuse has occurred, the aggrieved party needs a strong advocate to stand up for their rights. When an allegation is false, it must be strongly rebutted.

If you are the victim of abuse or have been the victim of a false allegation, you need a dedicated attorney who will work diligently to protect your rights. You need an experienced attorney and skilled trial lawyer who can advocate effectively on your behalf.

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