Spousal Support

Spousal Support (Alimony) Lawyers

California’s spousal support laws are complex and ever-changing. If you are involved in a divorce or legal separation in California and you anticipate that you or your spouse may seek a spousal support award, it is critical that you have highly qualified legal counsel.

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Criteria for Spousal Support

Spouses may enter into an agreement that specifies the amount and duration of a spousal support award. If no agreement is reached by the parties and a case proceeds to trial before a judge, the judge may order that either party pay spousal support in an amount and for the duration the Court deems appropriate. In making such a decision, the judge will consider a number of factors enumerated in the California Family Code.

The Court will consider the income of both parties, duration of the marriage, standard of living enjoyed by the parties during the marriage and the totality of circumstances that affect the equitable interests and financial security of the parties.

Effect of Spousal Support Award

Spousal maintenance is generally tax deductible for the payor and taxable income for the payee. By contrast, child support payments are not tax deductible. Accordingly, parties subject to a divorce should consider the tax impacts of a spousal support award when negotiating a Martial Settlement Agreement.

An experienced divorce lawyer at Bohm Wildish, LLP can handle all aspects of your marital dissolution, including the draft and negotiation of a carefully structured Marital Settlement Agreement. If an agreement is not reached, an experienced trial lawyer at Bohm Wildish, LLP will be thoroughly prepared to argue aggressively at trial for the protection of your rights.

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